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10 Budgeting Tips for Young Adults Moving Out of Home

Leaving home and venturing out into the big world is an exciting prospect on so many fronts. Everyone seems to do this at different ages; some younger, some slightly older. Regardless of the age, individuals need to understand the financial implications o...Read more

Understanding Debt Regulations in Australia

The legal standards and enforcement of debt collection in Australia are set by two bodies – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and The Australian Insurance Securities Commission (ASIC) – although their roles vary. In si...Read more

How to pay the bills after splashing out this Christmas


Christmas is an expensive time of year for all of us, and it can be easy to go into the New Year full of worry and anxiety about the state of your finances. Although it’s never going to be easy facing up to the reality of a rather bare bank balance,...Read more

Is a Personal Insolvency Agreement the Secret to Escaping Crippling Debt?


If you’ve found that you’re in debt beyond the point where it is possible to recover, or you are faced with bankruptcy as a real option you must consider in the near future, then you may have already looked into or been offered a personal insolvency a...Read more

How Much Debt Is the World In?

With the Australian Liberal government determined to reduce Australia’s public debt, we decided to see how the rest of the world is going with their money. We’ve put together the 10 countries with the lowest amount of public debt and the 10 countries ...Read more

Achieve Your Goals with the Help of a Budget App

Never underestimate the importance of having a budget in order to achieve your financial goals. You may want to travel next year. You could have a mortgage you want to ensure is not only met but also paid off (even if a little) over time. You might have a...Read more

Which to Choose – Bankruptcy or Debt Agreement?

For many people and families, the ability to earn income is crucial to keeping on top of your debts. So when an unexpected event occurs such as a sudden redundancy, ill health, an accident, or a breakdown in a relationship, this can cause a significant im...Read more

How to declare yourself bankrupt

Do you feel you are unable to overcome your debts? Do you simply have too many creditors to whom you owe money and not enough assets or income to cover them? Sometimes the only possible relief to your debt-stress is to voluntarily declare yourself bankrup...Read more

How to Create a Budget and Manage Your Money Effectively

Budgeting is a basic life skill that everyone – individuals, households, and organisations – can benefit from. The most common complaint about budgeting is that budgets are unrealistic and difficult to fulfil. Whether you’re creating or updating you...Read more

How to Eliminate Debt Before it gets Out of Control

Debt problems can arise during a period of unexpected unemployment, relationship breakdowns, and other life circumstances. Without a clear strategy for repayment debt problems can spiral out of control, so it’s ideal to tackle debt as soon as possible. ...Read more